Video Networking Webpage For Home Decor Service providers

Looking for home décor and even design ideas ? Do you have problems choosingdealers that you trust to help make your ideas a reality ? I had many problems with doing both properly subsequently obtained the inspiration to identifya solution : House@Work . House@Work is a social networking web site where home owners may scrapbook home improvement ideas ,talk about them with their acquaintances , as well as find trustworthy contractorsrecommended by different users and friends . 
Our aim is always to deliver transparency to both sides of the home improvement task yet at the same time economizing homeowners the effort and time associatedwith choosing the best contractor at the perfect cost and also to make it possible for contractors a better way to generate eligible leads as well as open up their network of potential customers . Homeowners may examine contractors depending offevaluations , rankings , as well as photos of past finished projects while contractors shallbe given the powerto evaluate the project by means of physical siteexamination andalso published project details . Solely general contractorsrecommended by your friends oreven recommended by yourself can get the possibility tolookat or bid on your posted projects . Throughout our Beta Version time period we are in search of users , both homeowners and contractors , thatwill help uscultivate House@Work further , we would like to listen to your comments andsuggestions ! Our service is actually free of charge for everybody to use .