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Trying to find home décor as well as design tips ? Do you have difficulty choosingcontractors which you trust to help make your ideas a reality ? I had many issues with carryingout both correctly and as a result attained the inspiration to identifyan answer : House@Work . House@Work is a social networking web site where home-owners may scrapbook home improvement options ,share them with their buddies , and discover dependable contractorssuggested by other people and friends . 
Our intention is to deliver transparency to either side of the home improvement process yet at the same time economizing homeowners the time and effort associatedwith choosing the best contractor at the ideal rate and also to permit contractors an easier way to generate eligible leads not to mention grow their network of prospectivecustomers . Homeowners can examine contractors depending offreviews , ratings , and also photographs of past finished projects while contractors shallbe given the ability to examine the task through physical siteexamination andalso submitted project details . Only suppliersendorsed by your friends or maybe recommended by yourself mayhave the possibility tocheck out or possibly bid on your published projects . In the course of our Beta Version time period we are trying to find end users , both homeowners and contractors , thatwill help usdevelop House@Work further , we would love to listen to your advice andtips ! Our service will be free of cost for everybody to use .