WordPress Info Tooltips

Hey, here is my new plugin WordPress Info Tooltips Delux.bigimage

You can check demo here http://tooltipsdelux.voodoopress.net/wp-admin with tester/tester login/password

Examples of result:



This is most full version. Main difference from Pro version – you can use TinyMCE editor to add shortcodes. It is pretty cool and flexible way to add tooltips to words or phrases. BTW Pro version you can find on codecanyon and Lite in WordPress repository.

So how to use shortcodes – pretty simple, select word or phrase in editor, select tooltip you want to use from drowdown and thats it.

Here is screenshot where to find dropdown


Price: 25$

You can buy it with Moneybooker. If you got troubles with payment – contact me here��and we will find way to close deal.

You will get files in 24 hours to email you will pay from. If no files will be recieved – write me HERE and all will be done. TNX!